Yorkshire Codplay Con This Weekend!

Yorkshire Codplay Con This Weekend! THE WEEKEND IS FINALLY HERE!

Already this convention is looking like it will be our BIGGEST YET!

If you are struggling to book ticket online please call Sheffield Arena's Box office to book or go to Sheffield Arena's box office in person as physical tickets online are not available anymore due to posting. So don't loose hope!

Event time tables and map are linked below
Main Stage Saturday
Main Stage Sunday
Interactive Stage Saturday
Interactive Stage Sunday

We have been a bit slow at responding to peoples requests as Sheffield Arena have changed their policies on Bags and Weapons.

We have been to see Sheffield Arena today and we are working with them to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone. They will be implementing the below measures for this reason and we need to clarify a few of the listed points to cut the confusion.

Cosplay props are allowed the only restrict we have is that they have to look like props, realistic looking swords, knifes, guns and baseball bats will not be permitted for this reason. Fantasy looking swords, guns, bows, magical staffs and other props will all be fine provided they are not sharp and not made of metal. Items made of wood, plastic and foam are all ok.

Small bags will be allowed, this means bags must but no bigger than a sheet of A4 paper. If you need to bring a change of clothes please try to fit these into a bag this size. Alternatively Carrier bags will also be permitted. If you have special circumstances or it is absolutely necessary for your attendance, where you will need a larger bag i.e medical condition, please contact Sheffield Arena directly and they may be able to make special arrangements. The reason why this is in place is to cut down on the amount of time it takes to search people as they enter the venue thus cutting down the amount of time people have to queue to get into the venue, so please only bring items that are 100% necessary. Items like wigs and accessories would be a good idea to be carried openly so the security staff can see it with out having to search you. The less you have in bags the better.

Masks and Facepaint
Facepaint will be permitted a normal. Masks, helmets and other items that cover your face will need to be removed until you have entered the venue, once inside you can put these items back on. The reason we ask this is so we can identify people as they enter the venue, this is for everyone's safety

Food and Drink
Sheffield Arena's normal food and drink policies apply and if you have any special dietary requirements please contact them directly so they can make special arrangements for you.

Exiting and re-entering
Sheffield arena will be letting you exit via the Red Concourse and you can re enter as normal but you will need to be searched again on entry. The reason you need to be searched again is just in case you have got something new in your possession.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion for you all and remember these measures are in place for everyone's security and safety. I know this has come at a difficult time but please remember recent events and why we are putting these measures in place. We want you all to come along and have an Amazing Day. Both Yorkshire Cosplay Con and Sheffield Arena have worked hard to get the best possible solution in these difficult times.

If you need to call Sheffield Arena their number is 0114 256 5656

Remember to book your photoshoots with the special guests here. J. Michael Tatum is slowly sold out so make sure you have yours booked in advance.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and please remember that YCC is run by two fans so we sometimes are unable to respond to every message sent but we try. Thank you all for your understanding and support. Blog Published on 1st June 2017 by Yorkshire Cosplay Con