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Cineworld Sponsor Yorkshire Cosplay Con

Cineworld Cinemas is the UK's number one cinema chain with over 80 sites in England, Scotland, Wales and 1 in Ireland. One of the things that makes Cineworld stand out from all the other cinema chains is the Unlimited Card. The Unlimited Card is a subsciption card that cost just £16.40 a month (excluding West End cinemas). The card allows you to watch as many films as you like. For your first year it's an extra £1.60 to watch 3D films but if you stay with us for more than a year 3D becomes free.

Some of our sites like our Sheffield cine have IMAX screens, if you have the unlimited card it's only £4.70 to watch a IMAX film and £5.70 to watch IMAX 3D. Check on our website (cineworld.com) to see where you nearest IMAX site is. Or why not visit our Sheffield cinema after you've been to Yorkshire cosplay.con and check out the IMAX screen there, it's one of the biggest in the UK.

Staff from our Sheffield cinema are attending Yorkshire Cosplay Con. If you like to know more about the Unlimited Card or even sign up come and see us at our table. If you have a Card already then just come by and say hi. If you liked to know more about Cineworld Cinemas then drop by too.

We look forward to meeting you all

From the Cineworld Sheffield team
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