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Handmade and Bought Cosplay Contests

We have two different categories for cosplay, Handmade or Store bought. All winners and runners up will receive a voucher to be used at real time events on the day for a free printed professional photo of their cosplay, winners certificate and prize. These are only available on the day and you must present your voucher to claim this prize. Please make sure to select the correct category when you are signing up. Also please make sure that you have your ticket number when completing the form because submissions without a ticket number or invalid ticket numbers will not be counted and will be cancelled. Also please make sure you enter a valid email address because we will be sending you your proof of contest entry and information pack closer to the time of the event(If you have not received your pack one month prior please contact us).

Contest Rules
  • Only 1 entry per ticket holder. (Only vaild tickets numbers will be counted)
  • A valid email address is required to send out your information pack. (If not received one month prior please contact us)
  • Group Entries accepted.
  • Cosplay is not limited to costumes from anime and games. The source could also be films, television, comics, bands, cartoons, any costume is welcome. Original costumes can also be entered.
  • All Hand made applications require a link to either detailed images and/or video documentation of the making of the costume.
  • All significant parts of the costume for hand made applications must have been either constructed or considerably modified from generic clothing for the person wearing it.
  • Keep it family friendly. No nudity.
  • No Religious, Political, Discriminative or Controversial Costumes
  • You will be able to pose and show off your cosplay for 2 minutes on stage.
  • Entry deadline is 5th May 2018. Entries after this will not be accepted.
  • The Contest registration could close early due to the contestant limit being reached.
To sign up for the cosplay contest please complete the form here.

If you are interested in sponsoring any of the contests please contact us with our sponsorship form.
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