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The Super Heroes Are coming to Yorkshire Cosplay Con

I started dressing in costumes when my children were very young for Halloween, every year more and more children came round with us trick or treating. Then when my children grew up they wanted to dress in their own costumes and so The Super Heroes were born. We now do a lot of charity work and also visit children in hospital our intention is to make even the biggest kid smile that includes mums and dads.

Have your picture taken with The Iron Patriot, Spiderman, The Dark Knight Batman and who knows Captain America and Bane The Dark Knight Batman’s adversary may make an appearance also.

Maybe even hold Captain Americas shield for your pictures.

If you visit our stall you can see some of Ironman and Captain Americas Toys including shield and Tony Starks Head gear.

There will also be things for sale on the stall including masks and autographed signatures and more.

There’s a Super Hero in all of us so let’s see your costumes join in with us at this great event
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