Yorkshire Cosplay Con 2017 Stall Holders

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ShonaMary DesignsShonaMary DesignsShonaMary DesignsShonaMary DesignsI sell my art work and handmade accessories!
Avalon Gift ShopAvalon Gift ShopAvalon Gift ShopAvalon Gift ShopAvalon Gift Shop
Steampunk JunkiesSteampunk JunkiesSteampunk JunkiesSteampunk JunkiesThe project started in order to offer an alternative solution to promote, display and sell steampunk goods. We both believed that even if the steampunk movement is not based on profit, it was still a domain where people build a ton of great art, pieces, stuff... and of course some other people who are looking to collect, buy, or search for products.
Drawn FreshDrawn FreshDrawn FreshDrawn FreshEXCLUSIVE Custom Apparel WORLD-WIDE Shipping. JOIN The #FRESHNATION
Caras ScribblingsCaras ScribblingsCaras ScribblingsCaras ScribblingsAnimator, Storyboard Artist, Illustrator, Character & Background Designer. A drawing fanatic who devours noodles and tea.
Hannah Eaton TattooHannah Eaton TattooHannah Eaton TattooHannah Eaton TattooTattoo apprentice at Tenacious Tattoo, Sheffield
Sarah ElliotSarah ElliotSarah ElliotSarah Elliot
Bound By BloodBound By BloodBound By BloodBound By Blood
Maz's BoutiqueMaz's BoutiqueMaz's BoutiqueMaz's BoutiqueExclusive hand-made or customised cute fashions.
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